Civil Alum Gives Back

May 4, 2010

Howard Williford taught civil engineering at Mississippi State for 29 years while his wife, Margaret, spend 25 years teaching Mathematics. During their tenures at the university, they accumulated a significant library of textbooks, reference documents, and other items.

Recently, the children, Charles (BSCE 76, MSCE 77) and Mary Margaret elected to donate this collection to the department as the first selections in the new library that will be part of the new CEE Complex. A total of 220 documents constituted this gift and included publications dating from 1920 through the end of the last century. Almost 75 percent of the books are hard cover and all are in good shape.

An abridge list of references follows:

Name Author Pub Date
Public Water Supplies Turneaure, Russell 1924
Essentials of Drafting Svensen 1926
Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Metcalf and Eddy 1930
Route Surveys Rubey 1938
Strength of Materials Girvin 1944
Sewage Treatment at Military Installation USAE Committee on Sanitary Engineering 1946
Strength of Materials Marin 1948
Mechanics, A Textbook for Engineers Boyd and Ott 1950
Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Fair, Geyer, and Morris 1956
Hydrology for Engineers Linsley, Kohler, and Paulhus 1958
Design of Concrete Structures Winter and Nilson 1958
Water Supply and Sewerage Steel 1960
Calculus and Analytic Geometry Thomas 1961
Microbiology for Sanitary Engineers McKinney 1962
Statics and Dynamics Beer and Johnston 1962
Water-Resources Engineering Linsley and Franzini 1964
Industrial Water Pollution Control Eckenfelder 1966

While the reference value of many of these documents has been exhausted, each text is part of a chronicle of the advances in the various technical fields that make up civil and environmental engineering. Alumni, faculty and students will gain insights into our profession by spending time with any one of these documents. This will be possible as part of the many new areas to be included in the new CEE Complex currently being designed.