Advising Orientation

The Academic Coordinator in The Rula School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is ready to help new students more easily transition to our campus. One part of this is learning the process used to develop and optimize your schedule of classes. Our goal is to ensure your success while minimizing the time it takes to complete your bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

Below are a few things you need to know regarding your placement in Math/English courses:

ACT (or SAT) Mathematics Score

Your ACT (or SAT) mathematics score will identify your FIRST math class, unless you have college math credit or AP credit coming in. The score is used as follows:

ACT MathSAT MathAppropriate FIRST Math Course*
Below 19Below 460MA 0103 – Intermediate Algebra
19 – 23460 – 550MA 1313 – College Algebra
24 – 25560 – 580MA 1453 – Pre-Calculus or MA 1323 – Trigonometry
26 and above590 and aboveMA 1713 – Calculus I or Honors Calculus I

* Only MA 1713 is applied to the degree. The others are considered remedial.

NOTE – If your ACT math score is below 24 (SAT math below 560), you will have to make a C or better in MA 1313 before you can take the first required chemistry classes (CH 1213 and CH 1211)

ACT (or SAT) English Score

Your ACT (or SAT) english score also defines your FIRST english course, assuming you don’t have credit already, and this works two ways:

ACT EnglishSAT EnglishAppropriate FIRST English Course
Below 19Below 460EN 0103* – Basic English
19 and Above460 and AboveEN 1103 – English Composition I
But, 28 & UpBut, 640 and UpEN 1173 – Accelerated English Comp II Option**
32 and above720 and aboveEN 1113 H –Honors English Comp II**

* EN 0103 does not apply to the degree as it is considered remedial.
** Completing either of these two classes with a C or better will get a grade of “S” for EN 1103, thereby completing 6 credits of English requirement with one 3 credit class.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at Laura Dunn at  .