Construction Materials Research Center

Director: Dr. Isaac L. Howard

Mission Statement

The Construction Materials Research Center (CMRC) aims to advance the state of the materials industry with particular focus on highways and transportation systems, though all construction materials are considered. CMRC aims to be impactful through research, development and education/training. CMRC’s primary area of interest is Mississippi and surrounding states, though materials issues outside of this region are also of interest. CMRC aims to simultaneously serve applicable industries, agencies, undergraduate students, and graduate students. Effectively, CMRC aims to be an “industry, agency, and university partnership,” and a “sound program at all levels that couples discovery and education.” CMRC is located at Mississippi State University (MSU) within the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department, and is led by the Director who is also referred to as the Materials and Construction Industries (MCI) Chair. CMRC has a Board of Advisors that provide advice and direction with regard to priorities and other relevant matters.