MEC Blueprint Mississippi Report Calls for $375 Million Annually to Address Mississippi’s Deteriorating Roads and Bridges

January 4, 2016

An investment of an additional $375 million annually is needed to address the most vital road and bridge needs in Mississippi at the state and local level, according to a report released Friday, Dec. 18 by the MEC Blueprint Mississippi Transportation Infrastructure Task Force. MEC also announced the formation of ‘Excelerate Mississippi’, a program designed to support the initiatives outlined by the Blueprint Task Force.


The Blueprint Study determined 80 percent of the new revenue, $300 million, should be dedicated to state-owned bridge and road needs. Counties and municipalities should receive the remaining 20 percent to be split between them, both receiving $37.5 million.

A $375 million annual investment would:

  • Enable the replacement of 138 state posted bridges – those that are no longer able to carry the weight and traffic they were designed to carry.
  • Provide that all timber bridges would also be replaced.
  • Replace another 424 deficient state bridges during the 10-year timeframe.
  • Ramp up the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s pavement maintenance across the state.
  • Enable local leaders to address the roads and bridges that are in the worst conditions.

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