Dave Bennett, Ph.D.

Dave Bennett

Professor of Practice

Office: 3052 Richard A. Rula Engineering & Science Complex

Dave Bennett is a Professor of Practice in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mississippi State University. He is the founding partner of Bennett Trenchless Engineers, Folsom, CA. Dave has 48 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering and trenchless pipeline design. He earned his PhD in geotechnical engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne, and his Masters’ and BS in civil engineering at Mississippi State University (not to be confused with Ole Miss).

He was inducted into the NASTT Hall of Fame in 2013 and was selected as Trenchless Technology Person of the Year in 2005. He was awarded the US Army Research and Development Achievement Award in 1996 for his pioneering research in trenchless technology. He received ASCE UESI Board certification as a pipeline engineer-water in 2023 (certificate no. 0002).

Recent technical papers and publications

Bennett, David, BTE, and Showen, Andrew, Board Certified Construction Attorney, HRKM Law, 2023. “Is HDD an Inherently Dangerous Activity? Ruling by Judge in HDD Crossing Parallel to Lift Bridge Has Significant Potential Implications for Industry”, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2023, Portland, OR, paper MM-T2-01.

Dudley, Sandie, Neher, Mary, and Bennett, David, 2023. “Navigating Updated USACE Requirements for Drilling Program Plans and Trenchless Pipeline Permits”, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2023, Portland, OR, paper MA-T2-03.

Bennett, David, and Dudley, Sandie, 2023. “Comparison of Observed and Predicted Settlements Associated with Six Parallel 102” Microtunneled Crossings of Canadian Pacific Railyard, Dubuque, IA”, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2022, Minneapolis, MN, April 10-15, paper MM-T1-01. Awarded NO-DIG New Installations Paper of the Year, 2022; 5th time to receive this recognition.

Neher, Mary; Purasinghe, Ruwanka; Lau, Phil, Bennett; David; Wallin, Matthew; and Wallin, Kathryn, 2021. “Highs and Lows: Construction of a 2,900-Foot long HDD Pipeline with 510 Feet of Elevation Difference, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2021, Orlando, FL, paper MM-T2-03.

Neher, Mary, and Bennett, Dave, 2020. “Sensitivity of the Cavity Expansion Model to Variations in Input Parameters for Specific Soil Types”, Proceedings, NO-DIG North, paper MM-T2-04.

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Bennett, David, and Neher, Mary, 2019. “Advancing HDD Design Practice-Hydrofracture Risk Evaluation”, paper presented at US Army Corps of Engineers Workshop on HDD Permitting Guidance Update, Washington, D.C., March 27, 2019

Carter, Michelle, Posten, Dustin, and Bennett, Dave, 2019. “Sioux Falls SD I-229 Trenchless Crossing Obstacles Overcome through Teamwork and Perseverance: Or How Did We Miss That?”, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2019, Chicago, IL, Mar 17-20.

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Wallin, Kathryn, and Bennett, David, 2017. “The Devil in the Details”, Proceedings, NO-DIG 2017, Washington, DC, April 12-17, 2107, paper MA-T2-02. (This paper was awarded “NO-DIG 2017 paper of the year” by NASTT; 4th time to receive award.)