Curriculum – MSU Students

Curriculum for Transfer Students
If you are a transfer student, please refer to the curriculum for transfer students.

Example academic program of study

Please note:
This is a generalized academic road map to help plan your academic career. Using the flowchart appropriate for your degree concentration provides a clear path which insures completion of "critical path" classes while maximizing elective choices.

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
CE 1001Intro to Civil1
MA 1713Calculus I3
EN 1103English Composition I3
CH 1213Fund. of Chemistry3
CH 1211Invest in Chemistry1
EG 1143Graphics +Lab3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours17

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
MA 1723Calculus II3
EN 1113English Composition II3
CH 1223Chemistry II3
CH 1221Chemistry II Lab1
PH 2213Physics I3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours16

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
MA 2733Calculus II3
EM 2413Eng Mechanics I3
CE 2213Surveying3
CE 2803Env Eng Issues3
ST 3123Statistics3
Total Credit Hours15

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
◊ Basic Science Elective3
MA 2743Calculus IV3
MA 3253Diff Equations I3
EM 3213Mech Mechanics3
EM 3313Fluid Mechanics3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours18

Junior Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
ME 3513Thermodynamics I3
CE 3413Soil Mech3
CE 4311Soil Mech Lab1
CE 3603Structures3
CE 3823Environmental Eng3
CE 3801Environmental Eng Lab1
GE 3513Tech Writing3
Total Credit Hours17

Junior Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
CE 3113Trans Eng3
CE 3313Const Matls3
CE 3311Const Matls Lab1
CE 3503Water Resources Eng3
CE 3501Water Resources Lab1
IE 3913Eng Econ +Lab3
EM 2433Dynamics3
Total Credit Hours17

Senior Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives6
# CE Elective3
• CE Technical Elective3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives6
CE 4903CE Comp3
# CE Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives - Two of Four Courses to provide a senior engineering design or management experience, each selected from one of our seven different technical areas.

# CE Elective - Any CE Course except CE 4233 or CE 4243 that is not applied to another curriculum requirement.

• CE Technical Elective - GR 4303 except Environmental Concentration students may substitute a course from a departmentally-approved list

◊ Basic Science Elective - From a departmentally-approved list of Geology courses and also Biology courses for those in the Environmental Concentration.

* H/SS/FA - Humanities, Social Science or Fine Arts Electives from the university approved list for General Education classes.

Updated 10/22/2015