Curriculum – MSU Students

Curriculum for Transfer Students
If you are a transfer student, please refer to the curriculum for transfer students.

Example academic program of study

Please note:
This is a generalized academic road map to help plan your academic career. Using the flowchart appropriate for your degree concentration provides a clear path which insures completion of "critical path" classes while maximizing elective choices.

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

CE 1001Intro to Civil1
MA 1713Calculus I3
EN 1103English Composition I3
CH 1213Fund. of Chemistry3
CH 1211Invest in Chemistry1
EG 1143Graphics +Lab3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours17

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

MA 1723Calculus II3
EN 1113English Composition II3
CH 1223Chemistry II3
CH 1221Chemistry II Lab1
PH 2213Physics I3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours16

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

MA 2733Calculus II3
EM 2413Eng Mechanics I3
CE 2213Surveying3
CE 2803Env Eng Issues3
ST 3123Statistics3
Total Credit Hours15

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

◊ Basic Science Elective3
MA 2743Calculus IV3
MA 3253Diff Equations I3
EM 3213Mech Mechanics3
EM 3313Fluid Mechanics3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours18

Junior Year - Fall Semester

ME 3513Thermodynamics I3
CE 3413Soil Mech3
CE 4311Soil Mech Lab1
CE 3603Structures3
CE 3823Environmental Eng3
CE 3801Environmental Eng Lab1
GE 3513Tech Writing3
Total Credit Hours17

Junior Year - Spring Semester

CE 3113Trans Eng3
CE 3313Const Matls3
CE 3311Const Matls Lab1
CE 3503Water Resources Eng3
CE 3501Water Resources Lab1
IE 3913Eng Econ +Lab3
EM 2433Dynamics3
Total Credit Hours17

Senior Year - Fall Semester

‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives6
# CE Elective3
• CE Technical Elective3
* H/SS/FA3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Spring Semester

‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives6
CE 4903CE Comp3
# CE Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

‡ 6 Hrs Senior Design Electives - Two of Four Courses to provide a senior engineering design or management experience, each selected from one of our seven different technical areas.

# CE Elective - Any CE Course except CE 4233 or CE 4243 that is not applied to another curriculum requirement.

• CE Technical Elective - GR 4303 except Environmental Concentration students may substitute a course from a departmentally-approved list

◊ Basic Science Elective - From a departmentally-approved list of Geology courses and also Biology courses for those in the Environmental Concentration.

* H/SS/FA - Humanities, Social Science or Fine Arts Electives from the university approved list for General Education classes.

Updated 10/22/2015