Construction Materials Research Center

Director: Dr. Isaac L. Howard                            Resumé (January 1,2016)


The Construction Materials Research Center (CMRC) was created as part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mississippi State University.  It was established to support advancements in the science and art of highway construction through research and education.  These efforts are directed at improving the quality of the transportation infrastructure through research and education focused on emerging materials, modern equipment and improved design and construction methodologies which, in turn, provide for the efficient, economical, and resilient highway systems. This mission is carried out by developing new technologies to advance the highway construction industry, devising solutions to industrial problems, and evaluating possible improvements to state-of-the-art industrial practices.  Technology transfer to, and education of, students, engineers and industry professionals is also part of the mission of this center.


2015 to 2019 CMRC Endowment Campaign

CMRC Research and Impacts Flyer