2013 BCoE Hall of Fame Members – CEE Students

April 29, 2013

René Alexander Camacho-Rincón is a graduate assistant in the department of civil and environmental engineering. He is working towards a doctoral degree with a focus in water resources. In 2012, he was the first graduate student accepted to the American Society for Civil Engineers task committee on total maximum daily load.

Camacho-Rincón says he has been influenced by his Mississippi State professors. He hopes to one day become an academic leader in engineering and help strengthen service activities within the Hispanic and American communities. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering, both from the National University of Colombia.

Andrew Joseph Odenthal is working on a degree in civil engineering. His goals include becoming a U.S. Navy Officer and to one-day own a consulting firm. He holds leadership positions in both the Engineering Student Council and American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also the vice president of outreach for the Southeast Region of the National Association of Engineering Student Councils and has served as president of ESC and ASCE.

Aside from engineering, Odenthal also enjoys doing volunteer work. He has coordinated a Habitat for Humanity day throughout the state of Mississippi. He has also volunteered at high school competitions, Halloween carnivals, and tutoring and mentoring events. He has signed a contract with the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps to become an officer while pursuing a master’s degree and working towards becoming a professional engineer.