2013 Spirit of State Award

May 1, 2013

The university‘s premier student award, the ‘Spirit of State’ award, recognizes exceptional personal contributions to student life at Mississippi State. Students from all MSU campuses, freshmen to graduate, may be nominated for this Student Affairs recognition.

The ‘Spirit of State’ Award formally honors those students who have excelled in campus involvement, service to the university, and have made an impact on their peers and the broader campus community. Winners will be recognized for their outstanding ‘Spirit of State’ contributions at a public ceremony.

Congratulations to Andy Odenthal, senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Below are his answers to three comments regarding Mississippi State University:

What does Spirit of State mean to you?  Spirit of State is an honor that I am very appreciative of.  I have tried to promote MSU at the local, state, and national levels, especially within the civil engineering community.  To be recognized by the University for my work is a great source of pride and I will continue to represent Mississippi State well.

What do you like most about Mississippi State University?  Mississippi State University has a family like atmosphere, which is what drew me to the campus.  I will forever remember the relationships I’ve developed here with a smile on my face.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had while at MSU?  I had the opportunity to lead 4th grade students on a tour of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.  During the tour, I was able to share my knowledge and experience with those students.  One particularly fun exercise was showing them a cube of loating concrete.  The look on their faces was priceless.