Undergraduate Advising and Course Registration

Undergraduate Student Academic Advising

Academic Advising students on progress toward satisfying degree requirements is a responsibility shared between the department’s Academic Coordinator and faculty. Your academic advisor is determined by your last name except graduating seniors and incoming students where they are advised by the Academic Coordinator. Please review the advising list and departmental flow chart each semester as it will be updated with changes in enrollment and faculty assignments. An advising schedule will be published on this site prior to the time of advising along with detailed instructions.

Review of progress is part of the one-on-one advising session between the student and advisor. This process is facilitated by the requirement for students to perform, print, and submit a current CAPP to their advisor prior to being advised. In this way the faculty advisor can confirm what classes have been taken and which are next to take. In addition to course planning and guidance, advisers are able to provide guidance on career planning, if such is sought by the students. Advisors are also available to meet with students by appointment throughout the academic year.

Undergraduate Student Advisor Assignments

You MUST be advised to be released.  All advisors require appointments of some sort.  Please make note of the type of advising you request (in-person, online, over the phone, etc.).  Please show up to your scheduled advising schedule on time at the given location. If you have an issue with meeting with your assigned advisor please contact the main office.

Also note: “Incoming” are students that are starting their first major semester with the university (could be a freshman or a transfer) and this will be your first semester in Civil Engineering.

AdvisorEmailOffice LocationPhone Number
Laura Dunnldunn@cee.msstate.eduRula 1042662-325-3051
Alireza Ermagunaermagun@cee.msstate.eduRula 2042662-325-0128
Seamus Freynefreyne@cee.msstate.eduRula 3042662-325-0515
Philip Gullettpmgullett@cee.msstate.eduRula 3041662-325-5486
Thomas Lynntlynn@cee.msstate.eduRula 2051662-325-5369
Ben Magbanuamagbanua@cee.msstate.eduRula 2061662-325-9777
John Ramirez-Avilajjr149@cee.msstate.eduRula 2052662-325-9885
Farshid Vahedifardfarshid@cee.msstate.eduRula 3061662-325-0902
Jun Wangjwang@cee.msstate.eduRula 3051662-325-7185