Electives – Approved Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts


(6 hours required)
AAS 1063Introduction to African American Studies
ARC 2313History of Architecture I
ARC 3313History of Architecture II
ARC 3323History of Architecture I II
EN 2203Introduction to Literature
EN 2213English Literature before 1800
EN 2223English Literature After 1800
EN 2243American Literature Before 1865
EN 2253American Literature After 1865
EN 2273World Literature Before 1600
EN 2283World Literature After 1600
FL? 1113Language I
FL? 1123Language II
FL? 2133Language III
FL? 2143Language IV
HI 1063Early U.S. History
HI 1073Modern U.S. History
HI 1163World History Before 1500
HI 1173World History Since 1500
HI 1213Early Western World
HI 1223Modern Western World
HI 1313East Asian Civilizations to 1300
HI 1323East Asian Civilizations since 1300
HI 4683Europe: The First World War to Hitler
HON 1163The Quest Begins
HON 3183Honors Seminar in the Humanities
PHI 1103Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 1113Introduction to Logic
PHI 1123Introduction to Ethics
PHI 3023History of Western Philosophy I
PHI 3033History of Western Philosophy II
PHI 3153Aesthetics
REL 1103Introduction to Religion
REL 3213World Religions I
REL 3223World Religions II

Fine Arts

(3 hours required)
AAS 1103African American Music
ARC 1013Architectural Appreciation
ART 1013Art History I
ART 1023Art History II
ART 1113Art Appreciation
CO 1503Introduction to the Theatre
HON 3173Honors Seminar in Fine Arts
ID 3643History of Interiors I
LA 1803Landscape Architecture Appreciation
MU 1103African American Music
MU 1113History and Appreciation of Music
MU 1123History and Appreciation of American Music
MU 1133The History of Rock and Roll
MU 2323Music History III
MU 3023Survey of Western Music History II
PE 1323History and Appreciation of Dance
PSS 2343Floral Design
TKI 2413History and Appreciation of the Artcrafts

Social/Behavioral Sciences

(6 hours required)
ADS 1013Animal Agriculture & Society: Food for Thought
AEC 2713Introduction to Food and Resource Economics
AN 1103Introduction to Anthropology
AN 1143Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AN 1543Introduction to Archaeology
AN 2403Introduction to the Study of Language
CO 1223Introduction to Communication Theory
CO 1403Introduction to the Mass Media
EC 1033Economics of Social Issues
EC 2113Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 2123Principles of Microeconomics
EN 2403Introduction to the Study of Language
EPY 2513Human Growth and Development
EPY 3503Principles of Educational Psychology
EPY 3543Psychology of Adolescence
FO 4113Forest Resource Economics
GR 1123Introduction to World Geography
GR 2013Cultural Geography
HON 1173The West and the Wider World
HON 3143Honors Seminar in Social Science
HS 1813Individual & Family Development thru the Lifespan
PO 1013Animal Agriculture & Society: Food for Thought
PS 1113American Government
PS 1313Introduction to International Relations
PS 1513Comparative Government
PSY 1013General Psychology
PSY 3073Psychology of Interpersonal Relations
SO 1003Introduction to Sociology
SO 1103Contemporary Social Problems
SO 1203Marriage and Family